Dalian chemical corrosion resistant pump factory is located in Dalian city Ganjingzi District Yingchengzi Industrial Park, covers an area of 24000 square meters, is a company engaged in the production of pump products reached more than 20 years, set production, development, sales, service in one medium-sized enterprises. The main products are all kinds of chemical pumps, pipeline pumps, sewage pumps, self priming pumps, magnetic drive pumps, multi-stage pump 30, a series of nearly more than and 400 varieties, the use of more than 30 kinds of special alloy corrosion resistant material. Products are widely used in chemical, fertilizer, metallurgy, textile, power generation, paper, medicine, mining, environmental protection and other industries of the transmission of a variety of media. Dalian chemical corrosion resistant pump performance testing of all products have reached the national standard, the factory products are checked strictly, and through the national quality supervision and inspection center of qualified, and in strict accordance with the standard of ISO9000 quality system management, to become Sinopec material resources market member, the National Petroleum Corporation members of a supply network. Dalian chemical corrosion resistant pump factory adhere to the "science and technology" approach, according to the market demand for the product development. In the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced products on the basis of continuous innovation in the effort, has introduced a variety of new types of pumps to meet the needs of the market. And undertake the design, non standard chemical process pump retrofit, transformation and manufacturing tasks, but also bear mapping, chemical pump and accessories imported by domestic manufacturing, etc.. Products sold throughout the country and part of the foreign regions, products with high quality and low price, good service, by the vast number of users. A high degree of quality awareness, improve the quality assurance system, effectively ensure the permanent products in the domestic and international market stability status.

Dalian chemical resistant corrosion pump factory production building area of 6500 square meters, equipped with steel workshop, workshop, assembly workshop, mechanical test, chemical analysis room, pump room, quality inspection and other departments measurement. The main production equipment more than 80 sets, the metal cutting equipment 40, smelting equipment 4, 1 tons and 0.5 tons of intermediate frequency smelting furnace 1 units, to smelt 30 brands of stainless steel, wear-resistant steel, heat-resistant steel castings, which can meet the needs of a variety of chemical pumps of different casting material. Can produce more than 2000 sets of corrosion resistant pumps, all kinds of accessories, more than 200 tons. Dalian chemical corrosion resistant pump factory has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, the factory has a test of pump performance test, the whole process of pump performance test by computer. And the construction of rational rooms, equipped with advanced physical and chemical testing equipment and perfect detection means, obtained the production license of pump mechanical products. In sales and service, Dalian chemical corrosion resistant pump based on the user responsible attitude, attaches great importance to product pre-sale, sale, customer service service, information, sales and service as one of the network, where the products sold to the service, the track where.

Dalian chemical corrosion resistant pump will adhere to the quality of survival, technology and development, contract and keeping promises of the road, will be the best quality products and the most perfect service to sincerely with friends from all walks of life to carry out extensive cooperation, and jointly create a better future!